Examinations with instruments, cancer screening. Most people are afraid of the rectum. They consider it as painful, sometimes humiliating. On the basis of a 20 year-praxis we strive to prove this belief wrong and our success is proved after the examinations. Our specialists do the examination with anoscope and rectoscope attentively with the necessary empathy and so there is no pain the only trouble is that the stimulus for defecation during the exam is unpleasant.
A practological examination lasting about 5-10 minutes is at the same time a cancer screening of the lower 25-30 cm part of the colon, where most tumours occur.
In case of any complaint it is important to go to see a specialist and over 40 years one must take part in regular cancer screening even if there are no symptoms.

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The leading cause of hemorrhoid’s emergence is the hindrance of the vein’s bleeding. Obstipation, sedentary work, fibre lacking food, pregnancy, the process of childbirth genetic predisposition, strenuous manual work and frequent diarrhoea play an important part in it.
The disease of hemorrhoid has different appearing forms.
The inside haemorrhoids can be found over the linea dentata meaning the inside border of anal canal, on the surface covered with mucuous membrane.
They can be classified into four stadiums according to their gravity.

Haemorrhoiden_1     Haemorrhoiden_2     Haemorrhoiden_3     Haemorrhoiden_4

On the outside border of the anus, the dilatations of the venal plexuses under the anocutan area can be called outside haemorrhoids. They have frequent complications the so called perianal thrombosis. This clinical pattern is frightening but innocuous, however it causes in many cases strong symptoms. This time the solution is the surgical thrombectomy.Cons
Conservative treatments are sitting baths, ointments use of suppository, the correct diet and medicines improving the blood circulation.

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Even haemorrhoids can be treated without medicine. We apply Barronligature, sclerotization and the kryo treatment among several possibilities in our clinic.

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Barron-ligature: Compression of the elastic ring, during which we fling an elastic ring with the help of a special instrument to the stump of the haemorrhoid.
It stops its blood supply and causes its necrosis. Kryo treatment: Congelation of the haemorrhoids as a completion of the ligatura, speeding this way the recovery and diminishing the complaints after the treatment or smaller pains.

Sclerotherapy: The introduction of the sclerotizing material with injection can be applied on the haemorrhoidal varicosities too, either separetely or together with the intervention described above, all the measures can be taken ambulant.
Surgical solution is the haemorrhoidectomy, which we do only in serious alterations.


The fissure of the anus is one of the most painful, mostly with bleeding accompanied, frequent illnes. The fissure of the anus is caused usually by the hard faeces, but it can be caused by interstitial weakness, trouble in the blood supply, inflammation, the chronic and spastic condition of the sphincters, or a psychic problem. The conservative (non-surgical) treatment can be succesful 80-90 %.
In other cases the solution is surgical.
The operation can be done ambulant, in local anaesthesia. The convalescnece period is 1-7 days, the complete recovery takes place in some weeks. Regular checking is important here, too.

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Anorectal abscess and fistula
Healing can be expected only form surgical intervention.
Simpler fistulas can be solved in local anaesthesia, ambulant. The alterations extending high need placement in an institute.

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It is mainly the illness of young men, over the coccyx, in the area of the buttocks. In the background of its evolvement is: the lasting sitting posture (illness jeep) caused irritation makes the hairs grow inside.
The solution is surgical.

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Te most frequent of the viral papilla in the anus and its surroundings is Condiloma acuminatum, also called pointed condyloma. The disease is caused by papilloma viruses (HPV). In our institute we take care of the patients whose dermatological treatment has not given satisfactory results.
During the intervention the cauterizing or the excision of the papilla takes place. Histological examination is compulsory.