Operations and treatments

seb1Our clinic is based on the ambulant and the one-day-surgery

Our patients register in advance then they take part in an examination in which we dcide on the necessary intervention, its date wich can be even immediate. As far as further examination proves to be necessary, we do it either on the spot or we help to arrange it as soon as possible. If general anaeshesia is necessary during the operation our anaesthetists also do previous examinations. In case on an ambulant operation we allow our patients to go to their home after some hoursobservation and having given them the necessary pieces of information. After an operation in general anaesthesia the patient must stay in our institute for a night under the control care of the nurse an the surgeon.

The general conditions of an operation:
The perfect physical and spiritual well-being of the patient, negative laboratory findings, negative internal medicine findings, or the reguired examinations for the type of operation in question. The patient signs the operation asignment and the declaration of consent after being given the necessary information.